1971 German 2 Pfennig coin I just found in a roll of pennies I got from the safe. Will go good with the 1 Pfennig coin I got amongst tips when I worked at A&W ten years ago. #German #Germany #Deutsch #Deutschland #money #coin
My niece, Hailey <3
So over this snow…
New flavour of #Wyoming made Cowboy Jerky Sweet BBQ is pretty good :3
Posted on January/3/2014
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#Sambazon #superfood #smoothie Pretty good but I would prefer more of a strawberry banana taste lol
At-home style açaí bowl. Need to master on getting the frozen açaí puree packets from #Sambazon thicker despite following their directions on the package.
Posted on December/31/2013
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And 102 hand towels later lol
Too many hand towels to fold at work @3@
Fucking idiots here just don’t know how to drive. I couldn’t even squeeze in and had to climb through my passenger door. #Wyoming #drivers are the worst out of all the places I have been to. (at Eastridge Mall)

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